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Computing at Fairlop Primary School aims to provide pupils with opportunities to develop skills and explore technology that will benefit them throughout their lives. Through the use of ‘Switched on computing’, lessons are confidently delivered to pupils teaching them how computers and their systems work. Pupils have access to a variety of technologies in which they are able to build their expertise and create a range of content.

The use of programming and computer science teaches pupils skills that enhance their learning. Pupils develop their problem solving skills and adapt their thinking in order to find solutions. They are able to create and build in order to reach their desired outcome when working on a project.

Safe and responsible use of technology is an integral part of the teaching of computing and opportunities to introduce and reinforce cyber-safety practices are paramount throughout the school.

The school is well-resourced in order to ensure that pupils get the most out of this subject. The school is equipped with laptops that run the latest version of Windows, a dedicated computing suite, digital cameras and green-screen technology.